Our Approach & Process
Legacy Wealth Advisors, LLC serving Atlanta and Tucker, Georgia

Our Approach

  • We serve our clients with a consultative, team-based approach that examines all aspects of their financial lives.

  • We put our clients' interests above our own and those of our firm.

  • We can add value by strategically placing certain investments in taxable versus tax deferred accounts based on client situations.

  • We perform periodic rebalancing to take advantage of market directions and volatility.

  • We can add value by over weighing and under weighing asset classes and sectors during various business and market cycles.

  • Diversifying portfolios across multiple, less correlated asset classes can enhance returns and reduce volatility.

  • Our goal is minimize the risk that is required to meet our client's goals.

Our Process


  • Establish Relationship

  • Gather Information

  • Review Scope of Services


  • Analyze and Evaluate Needs

  • Collaborate with Professionals

  • Educate on Findings and Solutions

  • Confirm Recommendations


  • Adopt Action Plan

  • Coordinate with Professionals

  • Employ Solutions


  • Monitor Progress

  • Review and Revise

  • Periodic Reviews

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