Why work with a Professional Financial Advisor?
Legacy Wealth Advisors, LLC

  • Significant life events, such as retirement and wealth transfer, are complex and require careful planning.
  • Individual investors have historically underperformed relevant benchmarks and institutional investors.
  • Emotional factors and natural biases lead individual investors to poor market-timing decisions.
  • If you are or will be going through any of these Life Transtions:





Change in marital status New job Purchase a home Increase charitable giving
Expecting or adopting a child Job restructure Sell a home Develop estate plan
Child going to college Start or purchase a business Relocate Change estate plan
Empty nest Sell or close business Debt concerns Develop an end of life plan
Aging parent Retire Consider investment opportunity Create and/or fund a foundation
Death of family member Phase into retirement Receive inheritance/financial windfall Create and/or fund a scholarship fund

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